Home Care Agencies Help Family Caregivers Prevent Burnout

Family members often try to care for a disabled loved one but find themselves becoming exhausted and frustrated. They may just barely have the physical strength necessary to manage aspects of care giving such as helping the person move from a wheelchair to the toilet. If the individual falls to the floor, the family caregiver may have to call someone else for assistance. The disabled person is likely to feel embarrassed and upset, wishing his or her relatives didn’t have to do all this work. This is the time when it’s advantageous to call for help from one of the area Home Care Agencies.

There should be no shame or guilt in asking for help from an organization such as Careminders Home Care. The nurses, nursing assistants and home health aides who work for this organization can be important factors in allowing a disabled person to continue living at home instead of moving to a skilled nursing facility. Family members must acknowledge that they have their own limitations. They are likely to have full-time jobs and may have their own children at home to care for. Trying to do too much can be a vicious cycle and lead to high stress, illness and an inability to even provide basic care for the disabled person. Their anxiety may lead them to drink too much alcohol. Even the federal government provides information online about the importance of preventing caregiver burnout.

Home Care Agencies step in and provide substantial assistance for families who are at the end of their rope. Although a family caregiver may feel guilty about getting away for a while and doing something relaxing and fun, this individual must realize how important it is to do so. The relationship with the disabled person can be negatively affected when the caregiver is constantly overwhelmed and never gets a break. That family caregiver also can feel better by understanding that the disabled loved one will probably enjoy having a home care worker to spend time with. This is something new in the person’s life. The agency worker provides a refreshing change of pace with a variation in the usual conversation.

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