Home Pest Control In Kapolei And Your Garage

Pests can become problems in all areas of a property. It’s not uncommon for property owners to have problems with pests in their yards, homes, and garages. Successfully fighting pests sometimes means having to multitask and deal with several places at once. A strategy must be developed for each area that pests are invading.

Protecting The Garage

Home Pest Control Kapolei can involve eradicating pests from a garage. An unfinished garage will usually have more pests than a finished garage. Cleaning the garage is the first step in pest control. Cobwebs, clutter, dirt, and debris have to be removed. Power washing the floor and walls can help with cleaning. Once the garage is clean, the area where the floor connects to the wall can be examined for cracks. Any cracks can be sealed with caulk.

Using Bleach

Bleach can be extremely useful for Home Pest Control Kapolei. It can be mixed with water to create an effective cleaning agent that most pests don’t like. After a garage has been cleaned and cracks sealed, it should be washed again with a bleach solution. The process shouldn’t be rushed. The entire garage needs to be exposed to the solution. The solution can be placed in a spray bottle to saturate hard-to-reach places. Protective eyewear can be used to keep the solution out of the eyes.

Baits And Traps

After using the bleach, it’s time for traps and baits. Sticky traps can be quite effective against spiders, centipedes, and even rodents. Such traps can be placed along the walls. Baits can be used to help control ants. Bug bombs can be the finishing touch to eliminate pests. They should be used sparingly though. Traps should be checked at least once a week. It’s also important to keep the garage clean. Cleaning it once isn’t enough for pest control. It needs to be cleaned at least once a week.

A service like Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC can help eradicate pests in all areas of a property. A person might not have the time or possess the patience to try to get rid of pests by themselves. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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