How a Private Invesigator in New York Helps Solve Your Domestic Legal Problems

Today many people are smart enough to talk to an attorney when they suspect their spouse of infidelity. They want to protect their legal rights, and make sure that they are not taken advantage of when their relationship ends. Usually the best way to do this is to get proof of infidelity. They may also need help to make sure they get their share of marital assets, and custody of children. When they hire a private investigator in New York, clients can get all the evidence they need.

Many clients hire investigators to do background checks before marriage, so that they know as much as possible about their partners before making long-term commitments. There are a host of services offered by a private investigator in New York, and these include:

DATING INVESTIGATION: Internet dating has made it possible for people to find and meet far more potential mates than ever before. However, it does not guarantee that everyone is who they say they are. As a result, many people hire investigators to run background checks on Internet dates, before the relationship gets serious. Investigators can provide a true name, age, and the number of previous marriages and divorces. Clients also get financial data, including bankruptcies, liens, and judgments.

DOMESTIC INVESTIGATIONS: Private investigators are especially helpful in cases of infidelity. They can provide photos and documentation as proof. These are valuable tools and can be used in divorce cases, to ensure that the wronged spouse gets a fair share of marital property. Investigators can also locate hidden assets, to provide an accurate picture of each partner’s financial situation.

CHILD CUSTODY: It can be hard for the courts to arrive at a fair decision in a child custody case. However, when seeking sole child custody New York parents can hire investigators to document child abuse, drug or alcohol misuse, and other issues which can harm children. An investigator’s evidence may also help sway decisions about visitation rights.

Domestic problems are usually complex but also require careful handling, since they can affect children, finances, and relationships. They often turn into legal issues that require evidence in order to arrive at a fair settlement. Private investigators are skilled at finding the needed proof and helping clients get the results they want.

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