How A Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

If you were injured while at work you may be able to get workers compensation benefits. If the injury is minor and results in little time away from the job, your claim will invariably be approved. Unfortunately, not all claims are approved; insurance companies routinely deny perfectly valid claims. This leaves the employee with only three courses of action; forget it altogether, try to deal with it independently or hire a workers compensation lawyer in Buena Park.

Engaging the professional services of a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer will give you a far better chance of getting your rightful benefits. An attorney knows the best way to go about gathering evidence that will support your claim, and he or she knows how to present it properly. In the event the insurance company continues to be reticent about your claim, your attorney will represent your interests in a workers compensation hearing.


Insufficient evidence to support a claim is the common reason that insurers give when they deny a claim. A knowledgeable lawyer knows how to get all the medical records that are required, get opinions from other doctors and gather statements from witnesses to the accident.

It is not only substantiating medical evidence that will bolster your claim, but vocation expert testimony is also very important. The vocational expert can present information about the physical aspects of your job as well as statements from people that know you and have knowledge of your day to day physical limitations.

Workers comp hearing:

Often, a seasoned workers compensation lawyer in Buena Park will be able to conclude negotiations with the insurance company that favors you. If this is not possible and your case goes to an administrative hearing, your lawyer will not only present all data gathered to date but undertake legal research that supports your case. All of this will be presented to the judge along with an argument as to why you deserve to be awarded benefits.

If you have been denied your rightful workers comp benefits, you should hire a workers compensation lawyer in Buena Park to pursue an attractive settlement. You are invited to contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen online at for in-depth discussions of your case.

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