How Bail Service in Cleburne, Texas for Surety Bonds Works on Weekends

Most people are not prepared when a loved one calls and says they have been arrested. This person may be asking for help getting out of jail. If there is no way to gather enough cash to pay bail to the court, contacting a bail service in Cleburne, Texas that provides surety bonds is an option.

The Setting of Bail

The issue can be more complicated if the arrest happens on the weekend. A bail service in Cleburne, Texas that provides surety bonds answers calls and accepts applications outside of normal business hours, but bail must be set by the court before the defendant can be released. Many criminal charges have a set bail schedule, meaning a specific dollar amount is predetermined for that offense. Charges that are not on that schedule must have bail set by a judge at a hearing.

Weekend Arrests

Arrests become more frequent during the weekends. Alcohol consumption is heavily associated with criminal activities of various types. Most people are more likely to drink excessively and get into trouble on the weekends.

The Release Process

Once the bail amount is known, an organization such as Rogers’ Bail Bonds can arrange for the defendant’s release quickly after the application is approved and payment arrangements are made. Not everyone is required to come to the office, which can be quite convenient. The process could be completed online or by phone.

After the bond is posted, jail officials release the person after processing paperwork. Everyone must be patient, as this can take several hours, or even a day or two in the busiest jails. Soon, however, this person is back home with friends and family and ready to assist a lawyer with the defense.

Concluding Thoughts

The emotional roller coaster may continue as the individual and the lawyer must decide how to proceed. Should the defendant accept a plea bargain? Should they wait and see if a judge dismisses the case? However, stress is reduced when the defendant is home and able to communicate freely with relatives and friends who provide emotional support. Find more information about bail bonds online.

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