How Can a Chipmunk Exterminator in Middletown, NJ Help Homeowners?

Most people who have only seen chipmunks out in the wild think of them as cute and furry animals that are generally pretty harmless. Homeowners who have experienced a chipmunk infestation, on the other hand, realize these rodents can wreak extensive interior and exterior damage if allowed the chance. A Chipmunk Exterminator in Middletown NJ knows the ins and outs of chipmunk feeding, nesting, and breeding habits and is the homeowner’s best resource for addressing a serious infestation.

Options for Eradication

There are several methods commonly used by professional exterminators. Options include lethal rat traps, poison, and non-lethal traps. Read on to find more information about each of these options.

Lethal Traps

The lethal traps used for catching chipmunks work just like rat traps. They are cheap and quite effective but tend to leave behind a bit of a mess. Most exterminators use this type of trap only when the infestation is severe.

Chipmunk Poison

While there are poisons available specifically tailored to killing chipmunks, they can be hard to come by. Even when they can be obtained, poisons are less safe than traps. In some areas, the use of poison in chipmunk extermination is actually outlawed due primarily to the prevalence of secondary kills when other animals eat the chipmunks that have been poisoned.

Non-Lethal Traps

Non-lethal traps are more expensive than rat traps. They are also less effective at actually solving the problem, as the chipmunks must then be either killed by hand or relocated. However, when used in conjunction with preventative measures, non-lethal traps provide a good deterrent.

Chipmunk Prevention

The most important aspects of preventing reinfestation are ensuring the pests do not have a food source and taking steps to prevent them from seeking shelter in attics and walls. Generally, the latter of these goals can be met by applying mesh and caulking to the exterior of the home to prevent entry. There are also commercially available chipmunk repellants.

Call an Exterminator Today

If chipmunks have been digging up the yard or even taking up residence in a home’s walls, the time to call a Chipmunk Exterminator in Middletown NJ is now. Contact us for additional information, or call to schedule an evaluation today.

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