How Can an Auto Accident Lawyer in Nassau County, NY Encourage a Quick Settlement?

The months following an auto accident can be exhaustively detailed. All the injured party wants, usually, is a way to pay their expenses and receive some fair compensation for the injury. It rarely works like that. Fortunately, an auto accident lawyer in Nassau County NY area, has a few techniques to encourage completing a settlement quickly while allowing a client to continue on as little disturbed as possible.

Aggressive Representation

Swift and responsive, the right kind of Auto Accident Lawyer in Nassau County NY applies a rapid response to encourage action. The effort of a swift response may likely freeze the other party and encourage them to offer a quick settlement. They may be impressed with how “together” the party is. The attorney may potentially encourage their respective client to take the settlement because of the organization of the other party.

Reel Back the Damage Requests

A client and attorney may want to focus on the most valuable and immediate damages. There are at least four major types of damages a client can collect after an auto accident. These are:

* Damages to the physical vehicle

* Damages to property

* Emotional expenses and compensation

* Strict medical costs

There are other items which can be considered, including any out-of-pocket expenses or an increased cost in insurance. One may recall that the insurance company is not required to keep rates consistent for their policyholders.

An Auto Accident Lawyer may seek to focus on only one or two of these damages. The report can dictate that if the party refuses a settlement, the client will pursue a full range of compensation. This may be another effective strategy to encourage a quick settlement because the looming immediacy of a potential $250,000 case will be less appealing than a quick settlement which is only after medical and vehicle expenses.

There is a lot to consider when building a case. For clients who only want a quick and fair settlement, the attorney can deploy a few of the above strategies. If the case is truly against the other party, they will likely respond with an acceptance of the terms.

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