How Can Mediation Save my Marriage?

Every marriage has problems – that’s a well-known fact, and most couples experience their share of marital struggles throughout the course of their lives together. From financial issues to disagreements over how to raise their children, married couples can find themselves unable to cooperate to make decisions. Unfortunately, at times this may translate into a more personal fight, in which both people experience feelings of anger and resentment.

When these feelings develop in a relationship, many people think that it is too late and that their marriage is not worth saving, turning to divorce because life with their spouse just “didn’t work out”. Others, however, want to continue to try to make it work, because religious opposition to divorce or a desire to give their children a healthy environment prevent them from seeking divorce as a solution. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to “save” your marriage rather than end it, there are numerous options available – and among these, mediation is one of the most effective.

Marital mediation is a process meant to help couples who are struggling in their marriage, but do not want to divorce, instead opting to continue living together. It involves a conversation – sometimes carried out over weeks or months – between the two married people and a mediator, usually a family law attorney. The job of the mediator is to keep the conversation flowing and to help the couple work out their marital problems through opening lines of dialogue and helping them avoid personal attacks and resentful feelings.

One way mediation can help save a marriage is through simply sitting the two people down and forcing them to communicate with each other openly. Often, when relationships are not going well, people tend to avoid talking to each other, which can lead to few resolutions; instead, mediation can give them the chance to voice their true feelings, and thus help them find closure and move on with living their lives together.

Furthemore, mediation provides a structure by which the married couple can make a decision without descending into argument, due to the presence of the mediator. Whether through making a list of issues to discuss or drafting guidelines for each person’s role and conduct in the marriage, having this organized structure helps smooth over the decision-making process.

If you are looking to find out more about marital mediation, contact your local family law practitioner in Grove City.

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