How Can You Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants in Charleston, SC?

In these uncertain times, many local restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. Their hours of business have been slashed, with some restaurants closing their doors altogether. Delivery and pick-up is still available, but it’s not enough to keep a restaurant going indefinitely. If you’re worried about your favorite restaurants closing, here’s a few ways to support them throughout these tough times.

Support Your Local BBQ Restaurants in Charleston, SC

If you can afford it, consider ordering delivery or take-out at least once a week. The restaurants will be happy to cook for you, and you’ll have a delicious barbecue meal on your table. Some restaurants allow a limited amount of customers in the store, so call ahead and see if you can make a reservation. And if you don’t feel like eating out right now, consider buying a gift card from the restaurant. When you feel like eating out again, you can bring the gift card and enjoy a hot meal.

Enjoy a Meal at a Local Barbecue Restaurant

Feel like having barbecue tonight? Try going to one of the local BBQ restaurants in Charleston, SC. You can enjoy pulled pork, sausage, ham, brisket, steak, burgers, and more without having to fire up your grill. And barbecue restaurants tend to serve large portions, so you’ll probably have plenty left over. Smoky Oak offers freshly cooked barbecue, classic southern sides, and over forty craft beers in their taproom. Visit their website at to check their hours of operation and view the entire menu.

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