How Child Custody Attorneys Bee Cave, TX Help Parents

In Texas, child custody arrangements are managed during a divorce case. However, some parents seek a new arrangement later. The proceedings determine where the child lives and how much child support is paid. Parents who reach an agreement finalize the arrangements through a standard divorce. If they cant, a child custody hearing is scheduled. Child Custody Attorneys Bee Cave TX help parents get through the proceedings.

Seeking Sole Child Custody

Parents seek sole child custody when there is a serious risk to the child. The parent must present evidence of the risk to the court. Typically, the parent reports the risk to child protective services and the authorities. An investigation is launched, and the findings are reported to the court.

Decisions About Parenting Time

Parenting time is determined according to the parents’ work schedules and the ability to visit with the child. For example, a parent that travels for work frequently will receive limited visitation with the child. In a sole custody arrangement, the noncustodial parent has supervised visitation only.

Adjustments for Birthdays and Holidays

Parents split the child’s birthday and certain holidays. When possible, the parents receive equal time with their child. Typically, the parents split the summer and Christmas holidays. Each parent gets equal time on the day or night of the holiday. Some parenting plans alternate holidays and provide each parent a full day with the child. If the parents live in different states, the parents coordinate travel requirements.

Changes in Custody Orders

Any parent has the right to file a petition for a change in custody arrangements. Changes are needed when a parent has more free time or a new risk emerges. The petition leads to a child custody hearing, and a judge determines if a change is warranted.

In Texas, child custody arrangements dictate how each parent spends time with the child. Parenting time is a vital part of the arrangement. If risks are present, the noncustodial parent gets supervised visitation. The court allows a petition for new arrangements when life changes occur. Parents who want to learn more about the proceedings can contact Child Custody Attorneys Bee Cave TX through Margaglione Law PLLC today.

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