How Different Types of HVAC Problems Relate to Environmental Issues

One of the biggest changes that occurred in the world of central air conditioning was the U.S. government’s change of regulations requiring the phasing out of certain refrigerants. Those chlorofluorocarbon substances have been implicated in depletion of the atmosphere’s ozone layer. When buildings develop HVAC Problems in which the refrigerant gases leak out, this is an environmental issue.

The Ozone Layer

The ozone layer filters ultraviolet light from the sun so it is not as hazardous when it reaches the Earth. When this protective layer is diminished, UV rays become more dangerous. With actions taken to eliminate the use of substances that are harmful to the ozone layer, that protective feature has gradually increased in density once more.


Along with a broad range of other job duties, heating and cooling technicians fix refrigerant leaks in central air systems. When it’s time for replacement of a central air conditioning unit, they install equipment that doesn’t use the harmful refrigerants.

Efficiency Improvements

Another technical change is directly advantageous to homeowners. That is the improvement in efficiency for furnaces and central air conditioners that manufacturers have worked hard on over the years. Although having to replace a system isn’t cheap, the owners will enjoy lower utility bills and knowing that they are doing something helpful for the environment.

Reducing energy usage decreases greenhouse gas emissions and the need for activity like coal mining and drilling for natural gas. Even people who are skeptical about climate change can appreciate the chance to have less of a negative impact on the Earth. Companies such as Jones Air Conditioning & Electric maintain, repair and install heating and cooling systems. Information on this particular company can be seen at.

Watching for Possible Problems

Homeowners don’t need to understand all the technical changes that take place in the world of heating and cooling. They do need to monitor their furnaces and central air systems to a certain extent so they notice when repair work may be advisable. They can avoid emergency HVAC Problems by calling for assistance when strange noises develop or the climate control isn’t as effective as it should be. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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