How Digital Directories can make your Office Building More Professional

Technology advancements have made a new move in making property managers monitor their properties
with ease and frequency. Today, it’s possible for landlords or property owners to monitor tenant related
activities such as changing office and tenants moving with ease. Digital building directories are one of the best way to accomplish this goal. This article will focus on informing you about all the benefits of digital directories and how they really can make office building more impressive. We will also cover how they can save office building owner time when it comes to maintenance of a standard building directory. So, enjoy this easy read.

Benefits of Digital Building Directories vs standard directories

– It can be easily customized to suit every office needs

– Has the option of including news updates and weather feeds

– Shows available office space available in the building at a glance

– Manages data from any computer in the office

– Has the ability to search multiple buildings at one spot

– Eliminates confusion and saves a lot of time for office visitors who are not aware of new changes

– Can be programmed to showcase various evacuation routes when an emergency arises

– Showcase amenities, events, maps and wayfinding around the office building

– Some digital directories for office buildings provide management or leasing contract information

Besides the numerous benefits that come with digital building directories there are many owners that still don’t realize how it can make their building seem more inviting too. Here is how this technology makes the building more professional.

Digital directory makes the building more professional through:

– Enhancing the building guests’ experience; it shows office locations, daily events and meeting times at a
glance. In other words, it exhibits valuable information to visitors without skipping any essential information
such as new changes within the building.

– Provides leasing listing, news, social media feeds, property rental details at one spot

– Displays contacts and photos of individuals on the digital directory listing

– Informs visitors of the company related facts and advice

– Also, it provides way findings to visitors as such; they can easily find their way to specific places in the

– Eliminates the need to use the traditional room labeling such as using hand-picked numbers

– Allows visitors to find information in seconds thus, making them in control of their own experience

How does a digital building directory save the office owner a lot of time when it comes to maintenance of a
standard building directory?

Well, updating a digital directory is very easy and fast. In fact, the admin can update it at any time and the
new content and changes will appear on the display screen instantly.

With digital directories, one can add relevant contents and that one might find useful with just a click of a button. Moreover, one can add news feeds and other news updates from the standard directory from one location and using a single computer.

Digital directories for office buildings are the essential areas where employees comes in contact with when they walk into the building, making vital information available is ideal for effective communication. For instance,
companies can display announcements or employee achievements through digital directories rather than
sending memos which is more expensive and time consuming.

Finally, digital directories only need a standard TV screen for display and one admin to convey important information to employees and visitors without sacrificing quality and time, even when using multiple screens.

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