How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Roof Installation in Orlando?

Residential roofs are built to last for decades. Even so, circumstances can indicate that the current roof needs to be replaced. How can you tell if the need for a new roof installation in Orlando is present? Here are a few signs to consider.

Ongoing repairs to the current roof mean that something is seriously wrong. While you do expect the occasional broken shingle or the need to do something with damaged flashing, the fact that several repairs over the last year were necessary is an indicator of a bigger problem. Now might be the time to talk with a contractor about a replacement.

Storm damage is one of the primary reasons for choosing to install new roofs. If you see shingle fragments and other materials on the lawn after a storm, there’s no time to lose. You want to talk with a contractor about a replacement at once.

Consider the age of the present roof. Some roofs are fine for two or three decades, while others are built to last for five decades or more. Depending on the materials used, it could be getting close to the end of its useful life. Rather than waiting until problems develop and pave the way for more damage to the home, consider a new roof installation in Orlando now.

Contact a roofing professional and have the roof inspected. It won’t take long to decide if now is the time to take action, or if the roof is good for a few more years.

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