How does reality marketing work?

Reality Restaurant Marketing Apps use interactive technology that is available on Smartphones, tablets and computers. They also use social media as a sharing tool between those participants who have highlighted and commented on the firm’s service or product. It is a clever way of engaging customers of an establishment such as a restaurant to interact with the management via virtual reality.

One of the features of reality marketing is that it actually asks for permission from the consumer before it promotes the message, it is totally non-invasive or intrusive. This cannot be said of traditional media which force feeds the advertising message down the throats of the consumer, they have few options but to listen to, see or read the message. Permission marketing requires the participation of the consumer, it asks for permission first and then, and only then, does it engage the consumer. An example of this type of marketing is when a company web site or smart phone app asks for the person’s name or other contact information and agrees to receive something in return. That which he receives can be coupons that can be used at a later date; this is often the case with Restaurant Marketing Apps. The visitor to the restaurant can access the app and leave his or her impressions of the product and the service; this input is in turn displayed on a web site for other diners considering the restaurant to see.

Automobile companies are taking full advantage of this new technology, you can “virtually” test drive the new models and give feedback. There are some companies that are bringing a level of exciting competition to the test drive by naming the best driver. For this to happen the “driver” provides their contact information and the name is entered in the contest.

There are as many ways to make reality marketing work as there are companies. With the integration of mobile apps into the lives of nearly everyone, it is a simple matter to entice a person into following the directives offered. Perhaps the offer is to visit a bricks and mortar store, provide answers to questions about the visit with the potential being a prize, in the case of a restaurant it can be a coupon for future discounts.

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