How HVAC Troubleshooting in Naples FL Can Save Homeowners Money

As the hot and humid summer months approach, homeowners who haven’t had their air conditioning system serviced within the past few seasons are apt to run into unexpected problems that leave them in an uncomfortable situation. Regardless of age, HVAC units can malfunction at any time, even if they appear to be in great condition. Hiring professional contractors to periodically service a unit and teach the customer how they can conduct HVAC Troubleshooting in Naples FL will easily help them avoid an unnecessary service call.

Honesty Pays For Itself

Just like any service industry, there are both good and bad contractors in the HVAC business. The bad ones will either overcharge a customer or up-sell them on something that they don’t really need during a repair visit. The good ones will ask the customer to perform a few basic tests while they are on the phone and then only pay a visit if those tests don’t solve the problem. If they do make a service call, they will thoroughly go over everything that needs to be fixed with the customer as well as show them basic operations that can be personally performed to ensure that the problem needs fixed by a professional.

Free Online Assistance

In addition to coaching a customer on basic HVAC repairs over the phone or in person, companies like Jones Air Conditioning have established a YouTube page that contains videos covering various electrical and air handling problems one might run into. The videos detail everything from new thermostat hookup to checking the level of Freon in an AC unit and can be accessed by simply clicking the link at. These informative videos are just one more way that the company is helping clients save time and money before calling upon the professionals.

More Than Just a Repair Service

Many HVAC contracting companies have expanded their services beyond HVAC Troubleshooting in Naples FL to include the installation of products that tie into heating and air, but aren’t necessarily part of the air handling system. One example involves the popular Nest thermostat. This brand also offers indoor and outdoor security cameras, household alarm systems, and smoke detectors, products that companies like Jones Air Conditioning have received certification to sell and install. Not only can these experts diagnose and fix a troubled HVAC system, they can also make a home safer from the inside out. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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