How Medical Call Centers Can Drain Your Resources

When you figure out your monthly expenses, medical call centers services may be a big item on the list. In fact, if you do not have the right answering service, your practice stands to lose a lot. Here are some of the ways a call center can seriously drain your financial resources.

Monthly Fees
How much do you pay each month for medical call centers services? Maybe this amount changes from month to month and you are not even sure how much to budget? If you subscribe to a live service you are probably paying a lot more than you need to.

Did you know you can receive outstanding answering services from an automated system? Top automated systems are highly efficient and have the ability to screen and transfer calls. Plus, they can notify you of emergencies in several different ways. Automated service is available in the form of a flat rate monthly fees, and is one of the most inexpensive ways to receive quality answering services.

Hidden Charges
Unless your service promises no hidden charges and a flat rate, you could be paying far too much. For example, some medical call centers charge extra each time a call is forwarded or a message is sent to a doctor. During the month, these types of charges can add up, especially if you receive a lot of calls. However, you don’t have to put up with this if you do not want to.

Lost Patients
If your answering service is inefficient or problematic, it could cost you a lot of business. For instance, one of your patients may try to reach you after hours and if there is no reply, this person feels insignificant and unimportant. This is a good way to lose a valuable patient. In addition, satisfied patients often refer friends and family to their doctors and this is bad for business.

Damaged Reputation
Medical call centers represent the physicians they serve. If these services do something wrong or cause problems, it is a direct reflection on the doctor. Once a medical reputation is tarnished, it can take a very long time to restore a good name.

Did you know an answering service can cause a doctor to be sued? For example, suppose someone at the service inadvertently reveals sensitive information. This could result in a lawsuit and significant fines from the government. Also, if an emergency is not handled in the proper manner, it could trigger a malpractice of wrongful death lawsuit. It’s best to choose a service very carefully.

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