How Medical Transports Turn Airlines into Ambulances

When a person or their family member is disabled, injured or ill, booking a commercial airline flight may be the last thing on their mind. Sometimes treatment means movement and that movement may even be international. When this is required, commercial air travel – safer, healthier and more secure than ever before – can be a huge help.

Commercial Companies Turned Healthcare Hospitality Services

When a patient needs transport over longer distances that can be managed by a helicopter or other method, and do not have access to private air transport, commercial airline medical transports are great options to consider. Already well equipped to handle a variety of client needs during travel, major airline corporations are ideal for transporting those with special needs or disabilities across distances that other modes would not be capable of managing. With the addition of medical escort personnel, their flights gets patients where they need to go.

As with any service, it’s always best to consider a client’s individual requirements before choosing a company to fly with. Acute, emergent medical needs are not best met by commercial airlines. Patients who need a true ambulance should be moved in one – whether it is based on land, sea or air. However, those who have health concerns that are less urgent can see major savings in time, cost and hassle by choosing these companies for their flights.

Why Fly Commercial?

There are many reasons why people who need medical transport choose to fly commercial airlines rather than employing a designated, devoted air ambulance. Some of these include:

  • Lower cost
  • Better quality of in-flight experience
  • More comfortable amenities for both patient and caregivers or escorts
  • A wider range of available locations for departure and destination
  • The ability for more family members, friends, caregivers and other non-patient passengers to ride along with the client

If a passenger’s condition is not emergent, traveling with an escort on a major airline can provide comfort and the human touch that an airborne ambulance simply cannot. It’s all about bringing convenience, cost effective resources and customized care together in one setting. With the assistance of healthcare professionals, commercial airline medical transports are helping to move patients across the globe and move medicine further.

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