How Much Will You Have To Pay A Social Security Law Firm?

Unlike many attorneys that work on an hourly fee basis and require upfront and then on-going payment, a Social Security law firm in Tennessee will take a disability case based on contingency, and even then, the fee is standardized and set by the federal government. The firm is only paid if they win the case for the client.

The arrangement:

As there is a risk involved, the law firm will wish to study your case carefully in an effort to determine its potential success. Once the firm agrees to act as your representative you will be asked to sign a fee-agreement contract, this allows the Social Security Administration to pay the firm when your claim is approved. The agreement must pass the guidelines set by the SSA. All agreements must be based on contingency.

What is the fee?

It normally takes several months from the date of application to eventual approval, from the Administrations point of view; the start date for your benefits is the date of the initial application. The initial payment will include these past-due benefits; it is these past-due benefits that the legal fee is based on. The Social Security law firm in Tennessee that handled your case will receive 25 percent of your past-due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.

Although it doesn’t cost you anything to hire a Social Security law firm, you may be asked to cover certain out of pocket expenses that are normal at the beginning of the case.

You do not have to be involved in paying the firm, the SSA takes the fee directly from your past-due benefits and pays the firm direct, the balance is sent to you and you receive 100 percent of all monthly benefits, there are no further fees to pay.

As you can see, there is no reason not to hire a Social Security law firm in Tennessee, the chances of winning benefits are far better when the applicant is represented.

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