How Naturopathy Can Help Increase Mobility in St. Charles, IL

Challenges to a person’s mobility can happen for many different reasons, including injury, weight gain, or the simple process of aging. Drugs and surgeries can treat the symptoms of decreased mobility, but they often fail to address how mobility challenges impact day-to-day life. Fortunately, naturopathy makes it possible to increase mobility and feel better with holistic care.

What Is Naturopathy?

The main principle of naturopathy is to remove “barriers to wellness” without synthetic or invasive therapies. For example, a patient experiencing mobility issues would likely be encouraged to maintain a healthy weight as part of their wellness plan. Traditional medicine would treat the symptoms, but holistic care in St. Charles goes further by understanding how weight impacts mobility in a big picture sense.

How Can Naturopathy Help with Mobility?

Depending on the patient’s individual circumstances and condition, a naturopathic practitioner could recommend one or more of the following strategies for holistic care in St. Charles:


A good professional massage increases circulation, which promotes fast healing of sore or overtaxed muscles. It also helps maintain flexibility and joint function, which can become difficult as mobility issues present themselves.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use infrared waves to penetrate deep into body tissue without causing cellular damage. The result is improved blood flow, oxygenation of cells, and purging of toxins.

Gentle Exercise

People with decreased mobility are at an increased risk of losing muscle tone, which can aggravate mobility issues. To combat this, mild, easy exercises may be recommended to maintain or improve mobility.

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