How Often Should You Have Your Automobile Serviced?

If you were to ask any vehicle owner what they need to do in order to extend the lives of their vehicles, many of them would utter standard answers, such as conduct frequent oil changes and tire rotations, but many of them aren’t sure how often “frequent” means, and they aren’t aware that their vehicle is made up of many different moving parts and systems that also need to be regularly serviced along with frequent oil changes and rotations. While your owner’s manual should be your main reference when it comes to the types of Auto Service Tucson services you should take your vehicle in for, as well as the frequency of these services, there are some other things that you should pay attention to because they may be signs that your vehicle needs auto services immediately or very soon.

For example, if your vehicle isn’t due for an oil change for another 500 miles, but you notice that the temperature dial on your vehicle’s oil gauge is rising or your oil looks sludgy, don’t dismiss it simply because it isn’t yet time for your regular oil change. Instead, you should let your vehicle cool down for a bit and then take your vehicle in as soon as you can to have a qualified Auto Service Tucson shop check it out and address the issue.

Also, if your owner’s manual recommends that you have your brakes checked or replaced every so often, that doesn’t meant that your vehicle won’t encounter brake issues unexpectedly, so you should be prepared to look for the signs. If your brake pedal suddenly starts to feel sticky or squishy, and you have a more difficult time slowing your vehicle down than usual, then you should have your brakes checked out. Similarly, if your brakes start to squeak or grind when you slow down, don’t wait for your next scheduled brake service, but take your vehicle in to an Auto Service Tucson shop as soon as you can and let them analyze your brakes to see if they still have some life left in them or if they need to be replaced immediately.

One of the most important parts of your car to pay close attention to is your engine. Without a properly-working engine, your vehicle is pretty much worthless, so it is important to make sure that you have any engine problems taken care of promptly once you notice them, regardless of what your owner’s manual says. If you pay attention and have your vehicle serviced regularly, it will last much longer and will perform much better.


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