How Residential Water Softeners In Marion IA Work

The soluble nature of water means that it is prone to absorbing the mineral compounds of whatever it passes through, ordinarily large amounts of calcium and magnesium. Though hard water does not pose any known health threats, it can leave water with a bitter taste and cause it to stain the inside of washing machines and make it complicated to rinse away soap and oil-based products. Water Softeners in Marion IA alleviate the issue by removing the hard minerals from the water before it has a chance to enter the plumbing system of a home.

System Setup

To best understand how Water Softeners in Marion IA work, it is first necessary to understand the various components of the system. Most are composed of two pieces of equipment, a mineral tank, and a water reservoir. A water softener is usually controlled via an automatic timer, which will cycle the machine as necessary and provide an unending supply of soft water throughout a home’s plumbing network.

Mineral Tank

The mineral tank is the first step of the softening system, and most are filled with sodium ion tablets. As the water passes through the brine solution in the mineral tank, the positively charged calcium and magnesium are trapped on the surface of the negatively charged pellets. The water is then sent into the system’s reservoir tank and is ready for use.

System Regeneration

As the pellets collect the positively charged contaminants, they will begin to cover the surface of the sodium ion pellets and affect the machine’s ability to remove the pollutants efficiently. The system will enter a regeneration phase, and rinse the magnesium and calcium from the pellets creating a backwash solution that is then released into a home’s sanitary sewer system. Most systems will not provide soft water when they are in the regeneration stage.

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