How to become a BA without any BA Experience

This is a very common question that I get at least with 30% of workshop enquiries. There are many people in technology or sales or HR profession who would like to become a BA. But when they apply for BA opportunity, their profiles obviously do not get selected as they do not have BA experience.

So this becomes a chicken and egg problem – no BA experience, hence no BA job, no BA job and hence no BA experience.

Is there a way out? I ask this simple question to all the participants.

“There is a 20 feet river which you need to cross. Yo can only jump 10 feet. How do you cross the river?”

This is exactly the situation most participants face. They do have required educational qualification, have some understanding of how businesses work but insufficient to land into a new role.

Some of them tell me, they will build a boat or bridge? How feasible is that?

The smartest option is to find a stepping stone. Using the stepping stone, one can move from current position to the new position in 2 or 3 hops.

So what could be stepping stone for professionals without BA experience?

These could be roles such as requirements engineer, process analyst, data analyst, software validation. Practice these roles for couple of years and prospective employers may find you suitable as you have crossed half the river.

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