How to Calm Your Child Before Their First Dentist Appointment

It is not uncommon for your child to be worried about their first appointment with a kids dentist in Chino Hills. However, they are going to look to you to put their mind at ease. Here are three ideas for calming your child before their first dentist appointment.

Acknowledge Their Feelings
The first thing you want to do is acknowledge that your child is feeling worried about their appointment. Ignoring the negative feelings is not going to make them go away, and failure to acknowledge their feelings could make your child feel worse. A discussion and reassurance can go a long way with your child.

Check Out The Office
Another idea is to check out the kids’ dentist in Chino Hills in advance. This way, your child can meet their dentist and the staff in advance. A small tour of the office can give your child an idea of what to expect during their appointment, and your child can ask their dentist questions about their upcoming visit.

Bring a Comfort Item
It never hurts to allow your child to bring a comfort item to their first appointments, such as a stuffed animal or blanket. You can even allow them to play a quick game or watch an episode of their favorite show on your mobile device. A comfort item makes it easier for your child to face their appointment.

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