How to Choose the Best Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

Realizing that your elderly parent or family member is ready to start the next chapter of their life can be difficult. Even more difficult can be the tough decision of finding a senior living facility that works best for them. If your loved one is struggling with their memory, then a specialized facility may be the next step. Here’s how to choose the best facility for your family member.

1. Look at Higher Care Options
Depending on your specific situation, you might need to invest in higher levels of care for your elderly loved one. Make sure that the memory care facility in New Jersey you are considering offers different levels of care to help adjust to your senior’s needs as best as possible. They may have particular policies in place that will allow for special needs or higher levels of care.

2. Get Familiar with Visitation Policies
You might want to stay away from locations that don’t allow visitors very often. Whether or not you plan on frequenting your loved one’s new home, you should be afforded that opportunity as much as possible. With that being said, it’s also important to learn that many memory care facilities have slightly stricter visitation rules than other senior living situations. This is to protect and best care for the memory-afflicted seniors living there.

3. Know Your Assistance Options
What kind of assistance do the facility’s staff members give to residents? Are they allowed to help them with specific care and living situations? Or, is it a hands-off facility with only minor assistance allowed? You should truly consider the needs, and health situation of your particular loved one. If they can live independently without much help, or if they need constant hands-on care, this could determine what kind of choice you make.

4. Guarantee a High Quality of Life
It must be proven that the senior care facility can provide a healthy and nurturing living situation for all residents. You should make their comfort and well-being top priorities when choosing a facility, whether or not they specialize in memory assistance. You need to make sure that your loved one will be supported in the way that works best for them.

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At The Regency Memory Care Club, we guarantee a greater quality of life for your elderly loved one. If you’re in search of qualified memory care facilities with different levels of assistance available, get in touch with us today.

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