How to Choose the Perfect Provider of Early Childhood Furniture

Purchasing furniture is already a process that has the potential to bring some anxiety to shoppers. Buying pieces for children – especially in an institutional setting, such as a daycare or preschool – adds an extra layer of stress, as furniture must meet some rather strict requirements. From durability to health and safety standards, here’s what you need to know when deciding between early childhood furniture manufacturers for your location.

Hitting High Standards

Children’s furniture of any kind is required in the United States to meet certain safety standards. Additionally, pieces used in institutional settings must meet further requirements to ensure the ease of their use for students and the ability to move, clean and maintain them by adults. Some examples of this include:

  • Smooth surfaces to prevent splintering or other injuries.
  • Surfaces that can be sanitized or disinfected as needed.
  • Strong, stable legs that will not bow under pressure when used or raise easily from the floor.
  • Foldable pieces for areas where portability is important, that also keep tiny fingers from having access to the moving mechanics of the furnishings.

These are just some of the ways child-friendly furnishings keep kids safe and make life easier for caregivers. Making sure furniture used in daycares, preschools and churches safe for the children using it is the top priority of early childhood furniture manufacturers.

Practical Can Be Attractive, Too

Just because a table, bench or chairs is designed with childhood health and safety in mind doesn’t mean it should be boring and institutional in appearance. Bright, beautiful furnishings are available in styles and sizes to suit even the smallest users. Today’s school and church furniture retailers specialize in providing attractive, practical options for playgroups, preschool classes and Sunday school groups. Whether it’s incorporating the colors of the rainbow or delivering tables and chairs that afford your little learners a chance to stretch their legs, there are models available in the modern market to give you exactly what your setting needs.

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