How to Choose Your Kitchen Cabinets in New Braunfels TX

Most people doing a kitchen remodeling project understand that the cabinets are the most important aspect of the kitchen. While countertops, walls, sinks and appliances are also important, the cabinets will shape the rest of the style and look. If you select cabinets that don’t work well with your other choices, the kitchen will look strange.

Set a Budget

While most people want to shop around before setting their budgets, it can wreak havoc on your checkbook to do so. It is actually a better idea to decide just how much you have available for your kitchen cabinets, along with everything else you want to update. You may think that $10,000 is enough to remodel your entire kitchen, but based on the choices you select, it may not come close. Therefore, have a complete budget mapped out before you start shopping around for those new cabinets.

Old Cabinets

Take a good look at your current cabinets and ask yourself what you don’t like about them. Are they drab or broken or do they simply look tired? Do they provide you with enough storage for your items? All of these questions matter and it will help you decide what will work best and look good.

Instead of just considering the aesthetic aspect (look), you may also want to consider their organizational skills. Make sure the items you want to go in those areas will actually fit. You can do this by taking along measurements of large or bulky items or even bring them with you to test out the cabinet.


If you have dark walls, you may want to consider light wood cabinets or something that isn’t wood at all. Consider the options you have available and decide what would look best based on your wallpaper and flooring. Consider asking companies for samples so you can place them in your home and get an idea.

Full Remodel or Not

While it is true that most people want all new items in their remodeled kitchen, you may actually be happy with the style and look of your cabinets. If there are no noticeable problems, such as broken or missing doors, you may simply decide to paint the cabinets a new color or add new handles to match your new kitchen. This is a cost-friendly way to change the look of the room without costing too much.

If you are considering new cabinets in New Braunfels TX, you have many available options. Consider getting help from Shaw Company Remodeling today.

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