How to Compare Pest Control Companies in Kailua-Kona

People who select among pest control companies Kailua-Kona based solely on pricing may be disappointed in the services. It is also possible that the cheap estimate turns into double the money when a second company is needed to do the job right. Price is definitely an important factor, it is just not the only factor to consider. Experience, range of services, and availability are significant factors as well.


Decades of experience are more important than the cheapest quote. Many pests, such as termites, ants, and spiders can be of different species. Termites and ants, for example, come in thousands of species. Distinguishing between species is essential in selecting the effective method for eradication.

The most efficient procedure for dealing with drywood termites is fumigation via full and sealed tenting. A company that lacks experience may spend time attempting other treatments. Problems with spot treatments for this species include partial eradication and re-infestation. A company experienced in fumigation techniques will know the fastest way to aerate the building, and be able to test air quality for safety before allowing inhabitants back into the space.


Inspections on an annual basis is a proactive means of pest control. The cost is much lower than paying for extensive treatments after an infestation. Extermination is not the only aspect needed to recover from an infestation. Maintenance after initial treatments can prolong the results.

Follow-up treatment in a few months, or at least a post-treatment inspection, is not offered by all pest control companies Kailua-Kona. Customer services may not include warranties at all places either. If warranties are available, compare the length of each one. A two to five year warranty on treatments and procedures provides more peace of mind than a six month warranty.


There are certain times during the year when exterminator services are in high demand. The Spring and Summer can be busy for companies so it is crucial to find a company that has enough trained professionals to provide services at any time. Waiting a few weeks for an appointment will drastically increase damage to the building. Those seeking experienced and comprehensive services can begin their search at You can also follow them on Twitter.

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