How to Connect Your Co-workers Through Business Phone Systems

Phone systems have changed a lot since the invention of the telephone in 1800s but so has business. With the world of business being conducted on a global scale, business phone systems must handle the demands of international communications. When conducting business locally, nationally or internationally, it’s important to your success and the success of your clients that all members of a project are kept in the loop regarding project changes. This is why you need business phone systems in Birmingham, AL, that can meet your needs.

How Do You Connect Your Teams?

Does your sales team talk to the marketing team? Does your recruiting, human resources and administration talk together? You want your business phone systems to integrate your teams so everyone is knowledgeable on the status of a client project. The hallmark of inefficiency is when a client calls for a status update and the person on the other end of the phone stalls to find the answer or tries to push the client off to someone else they hope may know the answer to the client’s question. You want your team to be on top of things.

Fully-Integrated Phone Systems

With fully-integrated business phone systems in Birmingham, AL, your teams are connected to each other locally, nationally and internationally. Your team members know where your client is in the process of a project. With a centralized communications hub, phone and text conversations are logged and recorded in the client’s profile. This saves time because you won’t have to track down the last person who spoke to the client to find out what was said and promised to them. A fully-integrated business phone system saves you money because all communications are contained in one location. No more digging through paper phone logs to find out when a client called or if someone responded back to them.

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