How To Differentiate Between an Ant and Termite Infestation in Brisbane

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Pest Control Services

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You probably know what an ant looks like, or at least you think you do. Ants are a fairly common sight. The insect is so common that people hardly give it a second thought. At least until they notice an abnormal amount of ants in their home who are all acting quite oddly. For example, seemingly eating wood. And the reason for that strange behavior? The insects are acting peculiarly because they’re not ants, but termites. This might come as a shock, but it’s quite easy to mistake the two insects for each other. The termites VS. ants debate is more subtle than most people realize.

So what are the important points when comparing termites VS. ants? The first point to keep in mind is that both have antennae, though an ant’s are bent while a termite’s aren’t. Next, either might fly during specific windows of their life cycle. But the main visual distinction is found in the insect’s waists. Ants have slim waists, while termites are more blocky. Finally, termites are drawn to wood and consume it. While ants might walk on or through wood, but won’t eat or tunnel within it. The latter behavior is also why it’s important to look into termite treatment in Brisbane if they’re spotted.

Termite treatment in Brisbane aims to solve the termite problem before they have a chance to do serious damage to your home. You can get started with a quote from Flick Pest Control Brisbane through