How To Examine A Used Car Before Buying It

So you’ve chosen a car from your favorite auto dealer in Barrington. You should check it, before you test drive it. Even if you’re no mechanic, checking the car will show you if it’s in good shape.

Check the obvious things like tires, fluids, belts and hoses, scratches and dents. Your mechanic can check other things before you buy the car. What should you inspect before the test drive?

Beneath The Hood

Pull the oil dipstick first. The oil should be black. If it’s golden, it’s just been changed. Turn on the car. Pull the transmission fluid stick next. It should be pink. The steering and brake fluids should be good to go.

Open the radiator cap. The water should be yellowish-green. If you live in hot, humid areas, the antifreeze could be orange.

Rattle the hoses and belts. None should be loose, pilled, showing weak spots, or connected with a gasket. Ask the auto dealer Barrington residents trust, to replace hoses and belts not up to standards.

The Car Body

Differences in paint color and finish can be checked by opening doors, hood, and trunk lid. That tells you repairs were done. Look for obvious dents and rusty spots on the fenders and body of the car.

New tires will have deep tread that should cover a nickel. If the tread is worn on the inside or the middle, then the car needs new tires. Worn tread isn’t safe and will blow out, causing an accident.

Bounce on each corner of the car to test suspension. It should only bounce once. If it bounces more, the car needs new shock absorbers.

You can check certain things before you buy it that ensures you’re buying a good car. Be sure to ask McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington for more information.

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