How to Extend the Longevity of a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh, PA

There is no better way to ensure the safety of a senior resident or improve the ability of a disabled loved one to move around his or her two-story home than to install a Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA. These accessibility devices make fantastic investments and if they’re used correctly and properly maintained they can last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not all users are equally versed in the proper use and maintenance of their stair lifts. Those who aren’t familiar with normal operating procedures and routine maintenance can read on to find out how to extend the longevity of their devices.

Keep the Track Clear

Never leave clutter or debris on the track and make a point of cleaning it periodically. While most models of stair lifts have safety features that stop them immediately should they encounter large obstructions, smaller objects may not register on the sensors. Keeping the track clear of small items and debris can help to avoid damage to the equipment.

Don’t Unplug the Stairclimber

Stairclimbers use remarkably little energy when they are not in use so there’s really no reason to unplug them. Doing so will only increase the risk of damaging the lift’s battery pack.

Maximum Weight Capacity

A Stairclimber in Pittsburgh PA should be able to carry both a person and a small load but it shouldn’t be used to transport excessively heavy items up stairs. Make a point of checking the chair’s weight capacity and don’t exceed it as this can burn out the motor.

Lubricate the Track

Just like the track needs to be cleaned periodically in order to ensure that it is not damaged, it also needs to be lubricated. Lubrication should be performed by either a maintenance professional or a family member who knows how to properly perform this procedure. Those who lubricate their own lifts should make a point of oiling the swivel seat, as well.

Learn More Today

Those who have found this article in a search for more information about stair lifts and other mobility aids but don’t yet own a Stairclimber, themselves, have come to the right place. They can visit McArdle Surgical online to learn about available products or place an order today. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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