How To Find A Perfectly Comfortable Mattress In Lafayette

When most people consider new mattresses in Lafayette, their primary concern is comfort. They want a mattress that is comfortable, affordable and will last as long as possible. However, comfort is a matter of preference, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to find one. Many surveys show that Americans want better sleep than almost anything else, making it necessary to know what comfort means to you.


The three primary options for mattresses include innerspring, memory foam and latex. Innerspring mattresses are the most popular because they can be extremely comfortable and are less expensive than other brands. However, they aren’t customizable and won’t contour to the shape of your body.

Memory foam beds will contour to the body, cradling you throughout the night. However, some people in Lafayette complain that they are too hot throughout the night.

Latex beds are earth-friendly and natural, meaning they aren’t made with petroleum or chemicals. However, they may be a little too firm, though some brands offer a plush or soft material to make it a little softer.

Questions To Ask To Determine The Right One

Before choosing new mattresses, it is best to determine what you don’t like about your current one. Can you sleep through the night or do you toss and turn? Do you wake up with pain in the neck or back or do your limbs fall asleep? Making a list of the things you don’t like will ensure that you choose something better the next time around.

You may also ask your doctor for recommendations, especially if you have severe pain or other illnesses that affect sleep.

A comfortable mattress in Lafayette doesn’t have to be a pipedream. Contact Mattress Direct now to learn more about them or visit to find your perfect bed.

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