How to Find an SEO Agency Near Houston

If you own a business in the Houston area and you have an old website (even if it’s more than a few years since it has been updated), it can be worth it to have an SEO agency in Houston to look it over. It may even be critical to the life of your business, especially if your website has noticed any of the following:

• A drop in new visitors.

• A decrease in your conversion rate.

• Less pages on the site itself.

• A drop in your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

Older sites don’t usually meet the requirements for Google’s latest algorithms, which are constantly changing. So, hiring an SEO agency can help you to make the changes you need to address these issues. That way, your website will meet Google’s latest standards so you can improve your search ranking.

Choosing an SEO agency near Houston is about more than picking what’s at the top of the “results” page on Google. You have to find an agency that’s willing to go “the extra mile” to create a website that will meet the latest standards in SEO.

The First Assessment

A good SEO agency will do more than fix basic issues. It should also give you feedback on your website. They will be able to let you know if the navigation, structure, and link profiles need to be upgraded or changed. They will also be able to give you information about specific keyword issues and whether there is any meta data that needs to be changed. This can include any photo tags and descriptions, which may be missing.

Ask for Examples of Their Work

You should ask any SEO agency to give you a brief case study of a project they have recently completed. It should have any information about the changes they have made to the site, while also showing the results of those changes in measurable terms.

You should try to find an SEO agency with an experienced staff that has worked on projects within your industry. It can help you to determine how easily they can come up with a structure for your website and make a list of related keywords. They need to build a website that will not only meet current SEO requirements but will also address the problems associated with your target audience.

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