How To Find Authentic Wrought Iron Fence in Riverside

Iron fences are an incredibly popular addition to a home or property, and it’s easy to see why. Iron fencing is incredibly durable, provides an elegant look, and increases the value of a home. For individuals looking to accentuate their property with fencing, this guide shows them how to find the most authentic wrought Iron Fence in Riverside.

Wrought Iron Vs. Cast Iron

While many people assume these two types of metal are interchangeable, there are a few differences between them. Wrought iron is heated up and sculpted on an anvil with either a mallet or a power hammer. Wrought iron is often softer and appears fibrous. Cast iron is melted and poured into a mold, then allowed to harden again. Cast iron is generally less expensive but is much more brittle than wrought iron.

The Wrought Iron Test

Many companies will try to pass off cheaply made cast iron was wrought iron fencing. Fortunately, some reasonably easy inspections can be done to check if the fence is authentic wrought iron. When shopping for wrought iron fence in Riverside, it’s a good idea to use the following quick tests.

1. Polish Test

When wrought iron is first forged, some areas are welded together to hold them in place. The polish test involves polishing an area of the wrought iron parallel to the length of the piece. This polishing will reveal the grain of the weld, called the linear slag inclusion.

2. Nick Bend Test

Using a cold chisel or a saw, an individual can nick or saw a piece of the iron. The mark needs to be about half the depth of the iron sample. If it is an authentic piece of wrought iron, there will be visible grain.

3. Spark Test

With the spark test, an individual holds the piece of iron to a grindstone to observe the sparks. Authentic wrought iron produces dull red sparks, whereas steel produces bright white sparks.

Find A Professional

Not everyone has the tools necessary for these tests. Often, it takes an experienced professional to identify authentic wrought iron. Consider hiring a local fence installation company, like Mesa Fence Company, to assist in the search. A wrought iron fence is a timeless addition to any property.

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