How To Get A Loved One Out Of Jail Fast

If you have been recently notified that someone you love is behind bars, the first thing you will want to do is to try and get them out. However if they have been arrested and they are being charged with a crime, there may be a bail amount that is set. This bail amount will need to be paid before your loved one can go home. By learning about how to get your loved one released from jail through a bail bond agent, you can get the one you love out of jail quickly.

Pay all of the bail upfront

If you have the funds to pay for all of the bail upfront, this is one avenue to explore when it comes to getting your loved one out of jail fast. In this situation, you wouldn’t even need to go with a bail bond agent. Instead, you could simply contact the courts on your own and make a direct payment. This would allow your loved one to get released very quickly and be able to await trial from the comfort of home.

Work with a local bail bond agent

Another alternative to paying the bail yourself is to work with a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent is the person at a bail bond agency who will help you to secure the bail bond. The only amount you will have to pay with this option is 15% of the entire bail bond amount. This is why this option is a very popular one for getting a loved one released from prison.

Paying for the bail bond

If you don’t have the 15% you need for the bail bond available, there are still some options available to you. Some bail bond agencies will allow you to use a credit card and make the payment over the phone. Other agencies will allow you to put an item up for collateral so that you can make bail for your loved one.

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