How to Get Help From a Divorce Attorney in Silverdale WA

When you are faced with the end of a marriage, it can leave you with many emotions and also many issues to face. It is difficult enough dealing with the end of a relationship, but is even more difficult if you have children and if there are assets to deal with. When going through a divorce, it can be difficult to keep a level head and prevent yourself from taking actions that can cause problems in the divorce. To keep your case going as it should, you need a divorce attorney in Silverdale WA to help you.

What Can You Expect During a Divorce?

To begin the divorce process, the attorney will first need to file a petition for divorce through the courts. This petition will need to state the grounds for divorce. The grounds for divorce are simply the reasons the divorce is taking place. This has to be a reason that can be proven in court. Many people choose irreconcilable differences as a reason, because this puts no fault on either party. You must choose a grounds that is legal in your particular state.

Once the petition has been filed, the petition will go to your spouse and he or she will be required to make a statement to agree or disagree with the grounds. Once this reply statement has been made, the first appearance will be scheduled and the attorneys will both discuss the specifics of the case. The judge will agree to a hearing date and the attorneys will begin to work towards a mediation meeting.

The mediation process allows both attorneys and parties to sit down together and try to work out the details of the divorce. If all of the issues can be agreed upon, there will be no reason for a divorce hearing. Any issues that are not resolved will be heard before the judge so he or she can make the decision. Once the judge makes the decision the marriage is legally ended and you will receive a divorce decree.

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