How to Get One’s Home Ready for Window Installation in Ann Arbor, MI

New windows improve energy efficiency and improve curb appeal. Homeowners who have window installation in Ann Arbor, MI, cheduled should do the following to prepare for the service.

Clear Debris from the Area

Window installers need room to work. If there is furniture, toys, or other items blocking the area around the windows, these will impede the installation process. The same goes for any items outside of the home stored near windows.

Window installers expect their work area to be ready for them to start their project. When homeowners do not clear the area, this slows down the job and it the window installation service may charge extra for any items they had to clear themselves.

Secure the Area

Installing windows is a messy and dangerous job. Homeowners should take precautions to make sure children and pets do not get in the way. Many people choose to schedule the installation of their new windows when their children are at school.

Homeowners who have pets should put their pets in another room. Dogs and cats are curious and will want to investigate. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with curious pets and protect them from glass, wood splinters, and other construction debris.

Plan to Be Home

Window installers may have questions when they begin installing the new windows. Homeowners need to be around to answer these questions and provide additional guidance.

To learn more about how to prepare for window installation in Ann Arbor, MI, or to schedule a service, contact New Roof, Inc.

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