How to Get the Freshest Lobster and Seafood Without Booking a Cross-Country Flight

For lovers of seafood, there is nothing better than a fresh Maine lobster. Those familiar with the differences between these and other lobsters will tell you, these warm water creatures simply have no equal at the dinner table. Eating them fresh is the only way to enjoy them at their peak quality, but how can those who don’t have the luxury of living near the coast enjoy this delicacy? The answer is simple: use your computer!

Ordering Your Seaside Favorites from Your Landlocked Home

The ability to buy live Maine lobster online has afforded many diners the pleasure of a delicious, freshly-caught feast, no matter where they live. Those who would previously have had to travel for hours or more to enjoy these treasures of the sea can now head to one of many online seafood specialty retailers and choose their favorites – trimmings, and all! – and have them delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours, no travelling required!

Why Freshness Matters

It is nearly common knowledge that seafood must be enjoyed fresh. Whether you’re dining on delicacies in the raw or cooking them to perfection, the fresher your food, the better it will taste on your plate. But there are other reasons why you should look for the freshest possible seafood. These include:

  • Health and safety concerns. Many types of seafood – lobster included – are dangerous to dine on after a certain amount of time, especially when handled improperly.

  • Ease of eating. Some dishes from the deep are harder to eat if they aren’t fresh. Look for your favorite shellfish to be as fresh as possible.

Of course, when you buy live Maine lobster online from a reputable retailer, you have the guarantee that your dinner will be deliciously fresh, every time. Being able to have that same assurance when dinner is dropped on your doorstep, freshly-caught, the very next day after ordering from home? Now that’s a modern-day lobster lover’s dream come true!

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