How to Know if You Need TMJ Treatment in Edmond, OK or Surrounding Areas

If you believe you need TMJ treatment in Edmond, OK you may wonder what the symptoms are and who you should seek treatment from. A dentist that specializes in treatment for TMJ should give you confidence that your symptoms are properly diagnosed and that you are on an effective treatment plan.

Symptoms of TMJ

If you regularly experience jaw pain you may suspect you have TMJ. While this can be a good indicator, it is not the only symptom. Part of diagnosing TMJ will be ruling out other issues.

More women than men experience TMJ, but men are affected as well. Sufferers often experience pain in the joints of the jaw as well as the muscles of the face. The pain can radiate into the shoulders and neck. The pain may worsen when chewing or yawning. It can be painful to even talk.

TMJ pain can lead to dizziness, headaches, and migraines. Sufferers may also experience problems with their ears, such as pain and tinnitus. Some people initially believe they are suffering from ear issues rather than TMJ.

You may hear the joints in your jaw clicking or popping, which may indicate a disc is out of position. You can experience the noise without experience pain. Your jaw may lose range of motion, either by not allowing you to open it all the way or by it being locked in an open position. You may also experience muscle spasms or trouble swallowing.

If you believe you need TMJ treatment in Edmond, OK contact Monica M. Neely, DDS. She is a family dentist who specializes in TMJ diagnosis and treatment.

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