How to Know When You Need Line Snaking in Corona CA

Dealing with a stubborn clog in your pipes? You may need Line Snaking in Corona CA. While line snaking is rarely the first-choice for unclogging drains, it is the most reliable option for safely eliminating clogs in pipes of various sizes and various purposes. Find out more about what a snake is, when you may need to use a snake to unclog a drain, whether snaking can handle tree roots, and why snaking is a better alternative than other common drain-cleaning methods.

What Is Line Snaking?

Line snaking involves using a steel cable to clean out your pipes. The steel cable is attached to an auger and has a specialized tool on the end that is designed to break through clogs. By rotating it, either by hand or mechanically, the cable moves through the pipe, freeing up smaller clogs as it moves, and then breaking up larger clogs.

When Do You Need to Use a Snake?

Not every plumbing clog requires a snake to break it up. Some smaller clogs may be cleared by pressure. This pressure may come from hot water being run into the clogged area, building up the pressure on clog. It may also come from mechanical devices, such as plungers. If those methods do not work, then it may be time to use the snake.

Can Line Snaking Handle Invasive Tree Roots?

Line snaking is also a good choice when lines are clogged because of tree roots. Other methods of drain cleaning are ineffective at removing tree roots, and, unless a tree is removed or pipes with little cracks are replaced, line snaking is the only way to remove existing clogs and prevent future ones.

Why Line Snaking is the Best Choice

Many people turn to chemical drain cleaners as their first choice for cleaning out clogs. These cleaners can be extremely harmful. Not only can drain cleaners harm pipes in older homes, but, if they fail to work, then you now have to deal with toxic chemicals.


To find out more about Line Snaking in Corona CA, Contact First Choice Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. They can explain the line snaking process, tell you how much it will cost, and come out to snake your line for emergency clogs or for routine line maintenance.

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