How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Columbus Ohio

Kitchen Cabinets in Columbus Ohio normally wear out over a period of use. Their grungy appearance can be blamed on the users’ handling and the kitchen environment. With this in mind, it may seem obvious that replacing your kitchen cabinet is unavoidable. How about just painting it?

Painting your kitchen can revitalize the appearance of the cabinet. Knowledge of how to paint kitchen cabinets can mean a lot in terms of savings since you may not have to replace the cabinets at all.

Even if you get a discount on Kitchen Cabinets Columbus Ohio, they will still cost you a fortune compared to the cost of paint. Keep in mind that there are additional installation and transportation charges, which may go way above your intended budget. Add to this the fact that the quality of the new cabinets may be much lower than that of the old ones.

Kitchen Cabinets Columbus Ohio painting experts advise that painting your kitchen cabinets is a good way to lengthen their life especially if the only problem they have is dirt and dents or scratches on the surface. However, if the problem is much bigger, for instance, if the cabinets are of poor design or if they have been broken or deformed, then replacing them may be the best option.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is quite easy if you adhere to the proper instructions. Begin the process by cleaning your cabinets. Ensure that all areas that need to be painted are completely wiped and free of scum, dirt, or grease. You may need to remove the doors before you start the process. Make use of a decent quality cleaner to clean the surfaces and let them dry.

Old kitchen cabinets should be sanded before painting to smoothen them. Sanding also allows the primer to settle in. A primer should be used if the color of your new coat of paint is different from that which was used initially.

After sanding and priming, the next step is to apply the coat of paint. Paint can be applied using a sprayer to give the surface a lustrous finish. If you do not have access to a sprayer, you can use ordinary paint brushes. Apply thin layers of paint progressively and repeat each time the initial layer dries out. Do not make the mistake of applying a thick coat of paint at once since this will easily peel out. To make the coat more durable, you can sand each time a thin layer dries out so that the next thin layer settles on a smooth even surface. Doing this repeatedly will make the final paintwork more durable and professional.

Kitchen cabinets are the ultimate beauty of the kitchen and should be revitalized all times through painting. Find more information here.

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