How To Perform Generator Maintenance In River Forest

After you purchase a generator, the next step is ensuring that it is maintained and well cared for throughout the year. Performing maintenance on your generator helps keep it in perfect working condition, and is an important part of generator ownership. Here are a few tips on how to perform generator maintenance in River Forest.

Keep The Fluids Full

Running out of gas or oil while the generator is running could damage the motor, or even cause the generator to stop functioning altogether. It can be hard to find gas, oil, or filters in the middle of a blackout, making it crucial to ensure these levels are always full. Check the fluids once every month or so, to ensure that the levels are high. It’s a good idea to keep an extra supply of oil and filters on hand and in a easy to access location in the event your oil runs out during an outage.

Run It Once Every Three Months

Most generators need to be run every three months or so, to ensure that the battery functions and the starter works. This is a good time to look over the entire unit, inspecting for signs of damage. Running it every so often also gives you a chance to spot any problems with starting or running before an emergency situation occurs.

Invest In A Warranty

Whenever you purchase a new generator, invest in the accompanying warranty. If something does go wrong, the warranty will cover the cost of repairs or, in some cases, may entitle you to a new unit. This is a great way to be sure that you and your family are never without a generator for long. Be sure to read the warranty carefully, and be familiar with the level of coverage it provides. Never be afraid to ask questions about a warranty if you don’t fully understand. It’s much easier to ask questions now than accidently void the warranty later. Read more  information at Penco Generators Inc and also like our Facebook page for more updates.

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