How To Prepare Your Child To See A Dentist Glendora

It’s your child’s first trip to the dentist. He or she is very anxious and nervous. This is where it’s up to the parents to help keep the child calm. Visiting a dentist Glendora does not have to be a scary experience for a child. Infact, if you choose the right dentist, they can put your child’s mind at ease and diminish any pre-conceived notions the child might have about dentists.

So how can you help your child get ready to see the dentist? Tell them a little bit about what the dentist does and what he is for but don’t go into too much details. And make sure you answer any questions with simple answers. Leave the more difficult or complex questions for the hygienist or the dentist. They will be able to explain things better to your child since they are trained in helping to ease a child’s fear or explain things to them in a non-threatening way. It’s best to let your child know that the dentist is just going to look at their teeth to make sure they are healthy. Don’t tell your child that it will hurt or be painful and don’t share any bad experiences you may have had at the dentist. Keep it positive and light. The bigger deal you make it, the more your child will worry.

When your child sees a friendly dentist Glendora, the dentist will most likely tell stories or ask the child questions to draw attention away from what the dentist is doing. They will praise or compliment the child if they are being good during the exam. The hygienist will also be there to help keep the child relaxed and happy. They may do x-rays if the child allows it to be done. You don’t want to force a young child to do it unless the dentist feels it absolutely necessary. After the x-rays, the hygienist will clean your child’s teeth and the dentist will give a good thorough exam to make sure the teeth are growing in correctly and that there are no issues. They will usually have the child rinse with a fluoride and then comes the fun part! Most dentists will reward the child with a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste. They may also give the child specific instructions on how to brush the right way.

Seeing the dentist Glendora does not have to be a frightening experience for your child. It can actually turn out to be a fun one if you choose the right dentist.

Dentist GlendoraVisit Haber Dental Center for dentist in Glendora today and get your child in for a visit. The right dentist can make your child’s visit a pleasant one.

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