How to Prevent Mildew from Ruining Your Lawn

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Pest Control

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When your lawn is not managed effectively, you may notice a white powdery substance stretching across the lawn. This may be mildew that is forming within your grass, and you must act quickly to eradicate this damage by hiring professional experts for lawn care in Jupiter.

How Does Mildew Damage Your Lawn?

As the mildew increases across a lawn, the leaf tissue will begin to change to yellow and brown. At this stage, it may kill your lawn. It is easy to see the powdery substance on the top of your lawn on a cool, damp night following a warm, humid day.

The mildew may develop when you have overfed the grass, or it is trying to live in a shady area of your garden. Mildew is known to be a fungus, and it attacks a lawn that is not strong. Where air circulation is lacking, cutting back shrubs and trees may help the area and reduce the growth of mildew.

To ensure that your lawn care in Jupiter is consistent, you may wish to employ the services of lawn care experts who will know exactly the right height to cut your grass and how to water the area consistently.

When the grass is thick, it is more likely to be healthy. When you cut it too low, you are choking it, and your lawn may struggle to grow back properly, which is when weeds will take hold. When your grass is too long, bugs and pests may live in your grass and damage the roots.

Lawns enjoy an excess of water every few days, but they become damp when you water every day, and this increases the chances of mildew growing. Should your lawn look as though it is suffering in the hot weather, you should probably water immediately because you are already one or two days late.

Your experts in lawn care in Jupiter will advise you how to feed your lawn sufficiently, not too much and not too little.
By agreeing on a regular maintenance program, they will be able to transform your lawn into a healthy and flourishing green environment.