How To Sell Watches in Chicago Online

Watches are popular with both women and men. They are timepiece accessory that will never go out of style. Watches range in style, price, and brand. Because of this, it is important that a hopeful watch seller knows the proper way to Sell Watches in Chicago online before venturing into the online business world.

Know the Brand and Model

Before a watch can be sold, the brand and model of the watch must be known. In order to find the brand of a watch, look for its emblem. The emblem is usually located on the actual wristband, inside the battery compartment, or inside the actual glass screen of the watch. The model of a watch is typically located on the very back of the watch. This is also considered the backside of the battery compartment. If the model number is not located on the back of the watch, chances are it is located right between the lugs that attach to the watch band.

Know the Value

Once the brand and model have been established, it is then time to determine the current value of the watch. Many jewelers, such as Chicago Gold Gallery, will give either free or low cost appraisals on watches. If an appraisal is not an option, determine the value of a watch by visiting sites like eBay and entering the brand and model of the watch into the search feature. You will then be able to see what other people are selling the exact same watch for. Always consider the condition of the watch before putting it up for sale. If it is in mint condition, consider a higher price. For watches that have a bit of wear and tare, consider lowering the price.

Know Competition

It is important to offer the best prices around. Cheaper prices will definitely send more customers. Always note competitors prices of specific brands and models. Aim to have lower prices than those competitors. It is also always wise to offer warranties to buyers. This makes customers feel protected just in case the watch is damaged during shipping or the watch becomes faulty shortly after purchase.

Follow these three tips when looking to Sell Watches in Chicago online for the first time. The tips will save you both time and money. You can also visit Chicago Gold Gallery website online.

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