How to Simplify Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape is an important feature of your business or organization. In fact, a good looking landscape is one of the best forms of advertising you can invest in. Keeping up a beautiful landscape is a lot of hard work and can be very time consuming. Here are some helpful tips for simplifying your landscape maintenance, without sacrificing beauty or function.

Think Before You Plant

People sometimes fall in love with certain plants but they are not right for their landscape. For example, some types of yucca plants are very attractive but they can be a hazard to touch. In addition, once you plant yucca, it may be extremely hard to get rid of, as they will grow just about anywhere and you cannot leave cuttings on the ground or they will soon take root. Take time to learn as much as you can about the kinds of plants you plan to introduce to your land.

Do You Really Want to Water Your Landscape Frequently?

Some parts of the country are rationing water and this can limit the kinds of plants you should use. In addition, it costs more money to maintain a landscape which needs watering a great deal of the time. You will spend much less on your landscape maintenance and have fewer things to be concerned about when you choose plants which are not too fond of water.

There is another concern when it comes to watering. A low water landscape is an eco friendly choice and this is good for everyone in the neighborhood, state, and planet. How can you limit water? Here are some suggestions:

  • Consider using a lot of mulch material around trees and landscape features. Decorative bark and rocks not only look good, but when installed properly it is basically maintenance free.
  • Sidewalks and walkways are an added convenience and they will help to keep customer’s feet clean before entering your place of business.
  • Go with drought resistant grasses like St. Augustine or Bahia for Southern businesses. These grasses do well in warm humid climates and require little watering.

Plan on Trimming or Pruning

Many parts of the Southern United States have relatively long summers and short winters. This means your plants and trees are going to need pruning on a regular basis. If you wait too long, your plants may lose their shape and appeal, and it will look like you are being negligent with your landscape maintenance. This is not good for business.

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