Ice Sculptures in NYC Make Your Event Extra Special

Ice sculptures aren’t just for winter carnivals or society weddings. If you’re hosting an event that your guests will never forget, consider ordering an ice sculpture. These special artistic attractions can be the centerpiece of a catered meal or a unique way to chill drinks for your guests. ice sculpture in NYC can be arranged through companies that specialize in making these fantastic visions seem to come to life. Even in warm rooms, an ice sculpture can last up to eight hours.

Some ice sculptures may weigh just a few pounds, while others might tip the scales at several thousand pounds. The typical ice sculpture seen at parties is made up of two blocks of ice and usually weighs a few hundred pounds. Some of the smaller ice sculptures, ranging in size from just two inches tall to about 18 inches tall, can be used as centerpieces for tables to replace flower arrangements, or even as visually arresting ice plates or ice glasses. Traditional sculptures which are typically found on buffet tables or used as special decorative focal points might include colored ice, flowers or other visual highlights. The largest ice sculptures, which can reach up to almost 30 feet high, are most often used at such spectaculars as corporate product launches or movie premieres.

The material used to create ice sculptures is ice, of course, but the way the ice is made plays an important role in the appearance of the sculpture. High-quality water is the most important ingredient, but the right freezing process is essential too. The longer water is circulated during the freezing process, the better the clarity of the ice. The most basic inexpensive ice, known as canned ice, generally exhibits a feathery appearance at its core, while ice that is crystal clear is more expensive. Naturally formed ice is often preferred by sculptors who want to use the planet’s resources responsibly while presenting the best product possible.

In addition to the ice sculptures many people have seen, the ice luge is now becoming a popular way to cool drinks at parties. Channels are cut into ice blocks through which beverages such as vodka or other liquors are poured, helping to chill them before they’re served. ice luges are most frequently found at bars but are making an appearance at wedding receptions and parties. Consult an ice sculpture company to determine the best product for your next party.

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