Identifying Locations in Your NJ Building for Installing Sprinkler Systems

State and federal laws require business owners like you to have safety equipment on the premises. In your building, you must have precautions like fire alarms and fire extinguishers installed where they can be easily accessed by occupants.

However, as an additional precaution, you can install a fire sprinkler system that will minimize smoke and fire damage. The fire sprinkler contractors near NJ can identify the best places in your building to install this system.

Areas to Avoid

The fire sprinkler contractors in NJ that you hire can first identify places in the building that would not be ideal for installations. Primarily, this system could be useless if it is installed in an area like the front foyer of the building. The smoke alarm system could fail to detect smoke and fire because of breezes from the front doors, and as a result, the system could fail to activate.

Likewise, you could avoid installing the system in places where sensitive equipment like servers or computers are located. The water will ruin these devices and force you to pay large sums of money to get them replaced.

Areas to Select

With that, places in the building like the main work areas, hallways, kitchens, and boiler rooms can be the ideal locations for setting up one of these systems. These areas are located deeper in the building where fires could be more difficult to reach. The sprinklers can prevent fires from the interior of the building from spreading to outward areas like the front and back doors.

The fire sprinkler contractors near NJ that you hire for the installation job will first perform a thorough examination of your building. They will then tell you where to install the sprinklers for the best results. You can find out more about sprinkler systems by contacting Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp at

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