Importance of an Employee Assistance Program in Boulder, CO

Workplace stress is rising, and employees aren’t always asking for help. Coworker disputes, heavy workloads, job security concerns—and personal troubles—are just a few factors causing problems. Businesses can try to address aspects like work-life balance and job security concerns. Still, they don’t always know what’s happening in their employees’ personal lives and how it affects their work performance.

An employee assistance program in Boulder CO, is intended to aid employees in dealing with these difficulties. According to estimates, 77% of firms provide these sorts of programs to their workers.

Improve Productivity

Employees dealing with personal issues have a hard time focusing at work. They may be struggling to the point of calling in sick regularly. As a result, the firm is at risk of losing money. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employee absences cost businesses 36% of their productivity. Introducing an employee assistance program in Boulder, CO, can assist in resolving this issue. According to studies, establishing an EAP may reduce missed time at work by 33% and reduce work-related injuries by 65%.

Improve Employee Health

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, and keeping them happy and healthy is one of the greatest ways to maintain that value. Employees pleased with work are more polite to customers and have an easier time getting along with their coworkers. This improves the work atmosphere and strengthens the business culture. It is, however, difficult to know what is going on in an employee’s personal life, but this is where an EAP comes in.

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