Importance of Visiting a Gynecologist Clinic in Norman, OK

Most women are afraid of visiting a Gynecologist Clinic in Norman OK. Some might even be prevailed on to make an appointment but end up not going to it because they consider it embarrassing or intimidating. Nonetheless, the following are top reasons for paying regular visits to a gynecologist clinic.

Healthcare professionals recommend that women from the age of 13 upwards visit the gynecologist at least once annually. The gynecologist performs physical examinations that include checking vital signs, determining body mass index, generally assessing the overall health of the patient, as well as palpating the inguinal lymph nodes and abdomen. Some may undertake a pelvic examination and perform some clinical tests. This means that regular visits to a gynecologist clinic in Norman OK may help in the early detection and prevention of serious illnesses and infections.

Gynecologists also carry out breast exams. These exams are recommended for women over forty, or even earlier for those whose family have a history of breast cancer. Statistics show that in the U.S., 67% of women get regular breast exams. However, this means that 33% of women don’t carry out this necessary examination.

It is recommended that women who have concerns about their menstrual cycle should visit a gynecologist. If periods become irregular, stops, or lasts for an inordinately long time, it is recommended that a gynecologist is contacted immediately. Ignoring such problems may lead to reproductive problems in the future.

Patients who have pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, or infertility should go for a pelvic examination. Also, peri-menopausal patients who have abnormal uterine bleeding, changes in bladder or bowel functions, or vaginal discomfort issues should contact their gynecologist to perform a pelvic examination.

The gynecologist also provides family planning and birth control advice to women who have become sexually active. They offer plenty of options to sexually active women who do not want to conceive. Vaginal discharges are a sure sign there is something wrong. The gynecologist examines and carries out tests to detect the source of the problem and provide solutions.

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